The Carrion Crown

The Crypt 4-24-13


Our resolve was tested today, as we explored what this village has to offer in the way of amenities. Staying in the village will be harder than I had originally thought, as the villagers are not taking to me as quickly as I had hoped they would. They look upon me with distrust and hate, a byproduct of my heritage, and the mystical power I possess. The tiefling is also experiencing the same level of hate, and even a bit more, yet one of the villagers did offer her a job during the morning excursion. All that she needed to do was come to the village in and drink for the evening, not a bad job if I do say so myself.

It was the stark loathing in the eyes of the villagers, that made the sounds of laughter stand out, as we wandered the village, speaking with shopkeepers, and learning the way around the town. Moving in the direction of the laughter, we found a number of young girls playing with a rope, jumping over it and singing in time with rotation of the rope. The song however was not happy, regardless of the joyful way they sang the song. It was something about a killer that chopped the heads of his victims and then let striges drink the blood.

Our shopping took us to three of the stores in town, including the tavern, and each stop seemed to give us a little more insight into the workings of the town. The money lender seemed to be doing a fair trade, but had a dislike for the apothecary, and the Apothecary seemed to be sleeping with (or at least had a relationship) the sheriff. While asking questions about the town and its people did not generate a lot of relevant information, I did learn a good deal about the items that the village has in the stores. The money lender had two magical items for sale as the owners had defaulted on a loan, and the apothecary had a number of potions and ointments that will undoubtedly be useful if we are to keep to the letter of the will the professor left behind. As he wanted us to explore and remove any residual spirit energy in the village while we wait for the 30 day time frame to run its course.

As night fell we all adjourned to the tavern to see what the proprietor wanted with our teifling friend. As we arrived the entire room was packed, and I think that our paladin friend was a little shy, as he opted to stay outside instead of joining in the party. Chester, the tiefling, and I all went in and were welcomed to a hush, as the revelers realized that a demon would be joining them for the evening. The party soon got underway again and drinking ensued, they even forced one man up on a table to sing a song or two. It was during the songs that we were suddenly set upon by some stirges. They came right through the door and flew right at me and the tiefling. The shock of being attacked in such a place caught me offguard, but I was able to fend off the first stirge. I then pulled it out of the air, ripping it in two, as the other few toward the Tiefling. A few seconds later and they were both dead, having been killed quickly, yet the damage was done, the taven was in a panic, with people pushing and shoving to get out the single exit.

Taking the three stirge bodies back to the manor house, as the paladin killed one outside, we attempted to gain some more insight into the nature of the creatures. The good doctor Joston stayed in the manor instead of coming to the party, he was having some problem with mirrors, that he has yet to fully explain. Upon arriving back at the house, we showed the creatures to Joston, and he confirmed my suspicion, that they were in fact Stirges. Seeing as we still had some time to kill before the evening was complete, I suggested that we explore the crypt that the professor had mentioned in his journal. The others seemed a bit apprehensive at this suggestion, yet I figured that we would be fine, as we seemed to be stronger as a group then were are as individual.

Eventually the other agreed, and we headed into the cemetery in the dead of night. It did not take long to find the crypt mentioned in the notes, and it was Joston that noticed the telltale signs of acid on the hinges, and we surmised that the acid was used by the professor to gain access. A slight pull and we managed to open the crypt, entering a very macabre antechamber. Bone sculptures and mosaics were in the primary room, depicting Pharasma and her role in the afterlife. Moving quickly out of the room we entered the main chamber, and found a large sarcophagus with a paladin fresca on the lid. Attempting to move it proved much more difficult than I had anticipated, and required the combined efforts of most of the group. It was due to this that we did not see the bone creatures sneak up behind us.

Caught off-guard as we were, the creatures struck quickly and with a purpose. They bit and clawed at us, and a dreadful poison seemed to be excreted from their attacks, paralyzing the paladin. I did my best to hold off the creature attacking the paladin, but I was also poisoned. Taking a step back I released my eidolon in hopes of summoning another creature to protect the paladin, but I also succumbed to the poison, paralyzing me in place as well. It is through the skill and ability of the others that we are alive today, although I think that the paladin may have actually crossed over for a second or two as the creature clawed into his paralyzed form. I fear that it may take days to actually recover from this nights activities. On a positive note, we did find the hidden stash that the professor mentioned, and I am afraid that we will be putting the items to use sooner rather then later.



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