The Carrion Crown

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 2

This morning, the strangest thing has happened to me, and considering that last night I chased down a mad man, forced him to apologize to a fountain, and then defeated his intestinal tract, hat is saying a lot. In the mirror in the hallway of the manor, I was brutally slain. Of course, this was only my reflection, or else my writing this would be neigh impossible, but that is irrelevant to the point. Seeing as how I have freshly entered the realm of the existence of haunts, at least not through another’s recollection in a book,I figured that this was in fact a haunt that is taking over my reflection. I set to test on a mirror by grinding it own into powder, and quickly discovered that it is in fact no more than mere tempered sand. Looking into this further, I opted to go into town, where a very lovely lady in an apothecary had some wonderful ideas about how to proceed further. I took back to the laboratory to test these theories, but again I was left with no more conclusive data. All the while, my reflection ceased to appear in anything, inside or outside the house.

Later in the evening, a group of individuals brought in a corpse of a stirge that was oddly enough attacking a mass of people. As this is unlike stirges, I had to hypothesize that they were drawn to this gathering, for which the others stated a bard was present. I believe that the bard was singing a song that attracted the stirges, and so it was decided that we should investigate. Also known on the matter, I overheard children singing a song about feeding stirges on purpose, and there was a post of a farm where stirge attacks were quite frequent. It would be easy to hypothesize that the bard knows how to control stirges, and has some unsettled feud with the farm. It could also be said that the girls were either keen on the attacks, familiar with stirges, attempting to shock individuals, or all together ignorant of which they sing. It would also be equally probable that this is completely wrong. Either way, I quickly placed the stirge in formaldehyde, which made some Paladin of stirges angry, I think, and set off to the farm, as the others also followed.

It was late, and as I approached the farm, it was decided that the farmer would be angry if I solved his livestock problem without the sun’s presence, and I naturally wandered off to the graveyard. One of the men had a wonderful point that all things in the church, especially a mausoleum, would be carried to the graveyard, and if the professor were seeking this mausoleum, it surely would be transported as such. As well, if the graveyard offered up a haunt, I believed I may be able to haunt my haunt and regain my reflection. I spotted the late professor’s handy work readily as I saw his signs of breaking in, and followed into the belly of the tomb. There, a Paladin of not being a Paladin was buried, or not, as was his case. I uncovered a wonderful alchemical stash of anti ghost and haunt items, and wrestled them from the local centipedes, which seemed to infest the area. Strangely, these creatures were undead and revealed signs of being ghasts, which creates speculation about a Necromantic centipede’s existence. I found a great deal of wondrous items, one of which was in a case similar to one of the professor’s books. This will be the first book I begin to read.< br />

When I returned to the house, one of the people there stated that he was aware of a creature that is capable of attaching someone’s reflection, and that this may be what I was suffering from. This morning, I again saw my reflection, but it was waiting for me to move before it reacted. Surely this creature has puppeted the wrong reflection, as I will not let me beat myself in this matter…



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