The Carrion Crown

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 23

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 23

Of true fascinations, I have found that I most enjoy traveling to alternate dimensions. My pact with the creature of the Mythos meant that I had to travel briefly to another land, The Bleakness, in order to deposit a mirror. I was expecting to have to travel to this land before finally heading taking a portal to the seaside village, but as it turned out, I only had to attend one portal, which took me directly through. The Bleakness was, as it would sound, quite bleak, with stretching vastness of gray, uncharacterized land. There were only a few items of note, such as a staircase leading up the only mountain, one for people much bigger than man. When I entered, I appeared halfway up the stairs, but the grey mass was climbing towards me, consisting of innumerable bodies. At first, I started running, but it became apparent that the dimension was not truly physical, but rather of a mental state; thus I was able to break out of its cycle, and finally ascend to the top of the mountain. There, I saw a small hut that, inside, had a gigantic chamber. I was able to place the mirror on a pedistool within, and no sooner did I do so, than I was kicked out at my destination. Before I left, I only saw a humanoid figure walk to the mirror, who I can only assume is who I was supposed to deliver to. I feel very relieved that the bargain wasn’t any more complicated than that.

I was able to ascertain at a nearby town that the rider I was supposed to get ahead of has already passed on, meaning that I am still behind. I made as much haste as I could towards the seaside village, but I felt compelled to stop for a man on a boat who was shouting out logical algorithms to try to stop his boat. I helped him with his calculations briefly, and he rewarded me with a wonderful aide, a horseless carriage that went incredibly fast. Admittedly, the device must have been an early prototype, as it was highly unstable, but I was able to control the contraption to my uses. After I arrived in town, I thought it best to check the stables, just to see if the rider had made it there yet, though unfortunately I knew that since I had not passed him, on my way in, he must have had to have been here already. For no reason at all, the stable hand became very violent when questioned, and I was forced to eliminate him. A brief check indicated that the rider’s horse was still coming down from the ride it was given, and thus time was of the essence. I was able to slip past the sheriff, who would have only slowed things down, and continue searching the town.

Eventually, I concluded that the rider must be doing business with the men within the temple, as they were after the seaside effigy all along. So I regathered myself, and headed inside. On a side note, it has been quite a while since I last set foot within a temple, as I have found no practical use for the whims of the Gods, but I do find the culture of those who attend fascinating, as much more than a worship, but as a community, or a sub culture… I am curious if I could manifest these feelings within a concoction, and create “God in a bottle” as it were. Perhaps I will have to consider this after I foil the Whispering Way’s efforts.

Within the temple, the worshipers attempted to turn me away, which would be against any normal practice, concluding that something must indeed be happening. I forced my way past these thugs, but I know something much more powerful and of Mythos origin lies at the back of the building. This battle will be hard fought to be sure.



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