The Carrion Crown

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 25

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 25

Today was a good day. Rarely do my days of late end with a nice cup of tea after an old fashioned victory, but my tribulations have brought me just this scenario. After locating a fortuitous boon in the depths of the Deep One’s caves, a Helm of Underwater Action, I was able to swim the tunnel; a most fascinating excursion! After quite a long and invigorating swim, I was let out into the bay proper. Unfortunately, my trail ran expansive, and therefore dry, amongst the depths of the bay, and I know enough of the Deep ones to know that they will settle on the bed of the water; much too far down for my body to withstand the pressure. I remembered the scientist of the village that I had met before, and that he had a fish apparatus that he was working with. I had correctly assumed that he would at least have knowledge of the bay’s depths, if not an interest in assisting me, so I swam back to the shore to reunite with him.

The scientist was more than happy to assist in both the name of science, and in the aid of a hero and Doctor such as I. His offer was as such: I would be allowed his knowledge of the bay and use of his fish-diving device as long as I tested it for him, which I would have to do anyhow. After reviewing the submersible, I concluded that his theory was more than sound, and his device was adequately strong enough to withstand the pressure my body could not. The scientist further knew that the “Neighbors” for whom they offer their children to lived beneath a rock formation they shackle prisoners to for death. This, again, made perfect sense, as it would be a constant source of food for the creatures.

The dive of the apparatus was smooth, and the scientist’s series of “tugs” to represent communication, as well as his constant pumping of air into the hull worked flawlessly, and we were able to locate an entry way into a dome-like building. I only encountered one guardian squid, which was drastically less than I expected. Once I was inside, there was a menagerie of wondrous sights, such as an entire farm of individual’s memories, as the people were somehow still kept alive, though their brains were plainly exposed. I also met Walter, though I suspect that was not his real name, who was a very intelligent plant that was collecting data. I was informed by this creature as to the ways of alchemically transmuting iron to gold, and how to summon a phase shifter; a creature previously considered to be unsummonable. Walter also let me know of more pressing matters, such as the goings on of the facility. Apparently a race of extraterrestrial beings called the Mi-Go were experimenting quite fanatically into the workings of this planet. Normally this would be great news to a cerebral individual such as myself, but unfortunately, the current experiment is to judge the impact of summoning an Elder God. I can safely hypothesize for these beings that the outcome will be destruction on a mass level, and thus I must prevent the experiment. Walter was again kind enough to tell me of where the experiment was occurring.

After talking to Walter, I explored a bit more, and actually found the Raven’s Tongue discarded in the corner of a room, obviously not even valued by the Mi-Go. From there, I easily made it to the location of the Mi-Go, who immediately portrayed that they are completely logical, almost mechanical, minds. When I entered, they seemed as though they were going to attempt to stop me, but when I argued that I just wanted to view their experiment, they were content to leave me alone in the lab. Furthermore, when I inquired as to sensitive aspects of the experiment, they were more than happy to tell me, including which machines are necessary for the experiment, which incubating body was required, and what would prevent the summoning, should it fail. All of these things are in fact quite responsible to know of while running a proper experiment, but I cannot recommend readily telling these sensitive matters to just anyone. Of course, It was quite easy to disrupt the experiment after gathering all the vital knowledge, and I only had to destroy one or two of these wonderfully intelligent beings. I would have enjoyed it quite thoroughly if the Mi-Go were to remain, but they were understandably quite maddened at the failing of their experiment, and began a flooding process of the facility.

While rushing my way out of the facility with the water collapsing behind me, I would have been remiss if I had not saved Walter, who, as it so happened, had a contingency plan for just such an occasion. When I informed Walter of the Mi-Go’s collapse, he merely saved his work, and was even kind enough to escort me to his ship for resurfacing. At the surface f the bay, I instructed Walter to let the scientist know of my return, and we were invited to tea at his house. There, Walter and the scientist made quite a formidable team of knowledge, and Walter even agreed to stick around with the scientist for future experiments. At the end of the day, Walter removed a chest from his throat, well not HIS chest, though I suppose the chest must have been his. The chest contained all the property of the people that were experimented on below, including the Seasage Effigy. He offered all of this to me, as he had no further use of it. It was a good day indeed, and I feel for once as though I were actually ahead of the Whispering Way in their pursuits.



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