The Carrion Crown

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 26

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 26

After my tea with Walter and the inventor, it was time to decide what to do with this Raven’s Head I had found, though in note it is not actually a head of a raven, though it has two heads of a raven, or ravens… but I feel I’ve discussed this before. It was decided that merely keeping the mace would bring endless drones of the Whispering Way, and though I may die, their desire will not. As well, distributing such a commodity to anyone else would also be a grave error, as it has been proven over and over that the Whispering Way have long reaches and very persuasive skills. I have determined that the only logical and effective course of action will be to bring the battle to their doorstep, discover the necessities of the ritual, and disrupt them once and for all. This, of course, is quite risky, as I will be taking the mace directly to their chambers, but it relies on myself to prevent this unnatural act entirely.

Entertained by the contraption that the inventor had loaned me before, I had asked if I could borrow it for my travels to Coliapus, and he agreed, asking me to test drive the unit for a distance travel, which is most studious of him. Walter and myself worked to ready the Fountain Smasher, as it has been deemed, and I was off. The workings of this device are most strange, such as a bastardization of a large grandfather clock to propel, but that in and f itself is quite ingenious.

En route to my destination, I had seen what appeared to be a barbarian camp that I thought should be greeted. However, as I approached, I became aware that the only greeting to be received was that of piked heads and undead inhabitants. I almost left, but it was noted that a woman was tied to a totem in the middle of the camp. Naturally curious as to what spell may require such a component, I approached further. Sadly, once again the cost of the spell being cast was the life of this sacrifice, and I have no intention of allowing the atrocity, so I began bombing the camp to free the woman. The battle was short, and the death of the Necromancer collapsed all of the camp. As luck would see fit, if luck can see fit, the woman was traveling to Coliapus as well, so she joined me on the travel.

Once in the city, I was astounded by the inhabitants. Ghouls, Vampires, and other undead lived alongside the standard races, and all in harmony, of a sort. Donations of blood and other items kept the poor in money, and the undead are quite civil and even open shops and run legislature. Though I have killed many undead in my time, none were merely trying to live out their lives.. or afterlives… or unlives…. deaths? Yes, living out their deaths. I appreciate the civility of this place much. Early on, I met a group of scholars that instructed me to a great laboratory that I am using now to test out the theories of Walter, who had instructed me on transmutation of Lead and Iron into Gold and Silver. This wonderful process could be used to make rust resistant piping all over the world, as Gold will never sour. Many of Walter’s theories are in broken thought, though quite logical, and it has taken me some time to test these theories. As of now, all I can confidently state is that I will need to first manufacture an item known to the Alchemical world all over, a Philosopher’s stone. This stone contains a substance known as quicksilver, which will be the rarest component. I feel that the answers are here, and mine is just the mind to solve this!



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