The Carrion Crown

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 3

As a new day approached, I found to my dismay that my reflection is still taunting me, posing as myself as best as it can. I wish to learn more about these creatures that see fit to confiscate my visage, my mind wanders on the possibility that all young children ponder; is the reflection in the mirror truly a view into another active dimension or realm? Were this to be so, is my other me forever deceased, never to return? What will this mean for my shaving habits? I have taken to carrying a hand mirror with me at all times to keep an eye on this body snatcher, as I believe that if he feels he must mimic me, he will have to spend his time doing so rather than whatever other nefarious plans he has in store. To be through, I checked to see if I still had all of my other necessities in tact: My shadow is still attached, my mass seems unchanged, my symmetry** is only off by the usual, and if I were to try to quantify a spirit or soul, I feel they are unchanged as well, though I cannot confirm these.

Confounded by this query, and wanting nothing more than to study these reflection creatures, I needed to remove my mind from my body, so when a kind man offered to take me to town for a grocery run, I decided to do so, perhaps the local precipitation of the morning would have lifted my reflection’s spirit. I was saddened to find that the haunt syphons would not cure this alement of mine. In the grocery shop, everything seemed to be in order, as the locals were mingling and the grocer was collecting the goods. At a random point, a Paladin seemed to have thrown a suit of armor at a zombie, which though I am unfamiliar with combat, seemed to be an odd method of fighting; tossing your armor at the enemy. None the less, there was quite the quandary that a zombie was in fact shopping here as well, and seemed to become violent. Naturally,I put this creature back to rest by concocting more weapons. It was further discovered that this zombie was not the only creature roaming, as screams and cries started springing up all over town. I raced around to assist this Paladin in aiding where we could, and actually found a Tiefling being torn apart as it shielded a child from another zombie. We again assisted, and raced to the storeroom where the grocer had gone. There we found him unconscious, with a shadow being hovering over him. I had to think quick, so I tossed a sun rod at the creature, hoping to weaken it. I seem to have merely angered it however, and had to dodge incoming attacks while putting it down as well. My concoctions seemed to be doing well again, as I seared it’s essence, and it ran through the floor to escape.

We had not made it any further than out of the door before we found a group of skeletons attempting to skewer children. For which the Tiefling and another were fending off. In the distance, however, yet more children were being attacked by disembodied hands. This chaos immediately struck me as inconsistent for a normal day in this town, which concluded to me that a greater force was at work. I did my best to destroy the skeletons, nearly splintering the rider of the horse, as a Ratfolk actually rushed to the aid of the dog, clearing out these hands. After this immediate danger, the man who came with me from the Manor pointed out to me a disembodied fiddler’s musical score that was pouring throughout the town, for which must have been the source of this effect. He also rushed to the store, and brought me a great boon of holy water, which was brilliant thinking on his behalf.

Further down the way, those of us who had gathered from the store, a Paladin, a Ratfolk, a Tiefling, and the man from the Manor all came down to the aide of yet more villagers, all fighting large hordes of zombies. Thankfully, the Sheriff also rode in. I think this group personally makes a find band of brothers, and perhaps we can consider the idea one day.

At this point, the Paladin was eager to continue assisting, but I had to consider the bigger picture; if I fight a thousand dead, it is no more effective than if I strike at this melody in the air. Listening carefully, I heard if coming from the North, and started heading that way. As I passed, carnage was abound, and the dead in all incarnations were attacking the living. A poor fellow was attacked right in front of me by a curious combination of a haunt and a resurrection, truly worth a study in any other circumstance. As it stood, the others were ineffective at attacking it, and I knew that each moment halted is a moment of bloodshed, so I unleashed a haunt syphon that seemed to consume this axe-bearrer completely, and rather effectively. We continued even further to the source of the noise.

This was the most interesting part of our grocery run, as we spotted an old elven woman in a strait jacket furiously dancing and playing a very unique fiddle, one I recognize from an old text as the fiddle Rebec Malevolenti. I knew from history the stories of this wonderful traveling fiddler who had befell on hard times, and I know all to well the story of a fiddle that appears to wreak havoc throughout history; this is a historic and deadly artifact. As the very ground beneath me crumbled at the loss of so many bodies within it, I wracked my brain on how to destroy this item, and suddenly considered the simplest solution; merely cease her from playing. At this, one man sprung up to knock it from her hands, and succeeded. I asked everyone to back away, and dawned a glove before even handling the bow of this musical necromancer. There was a few priests trapped in a nearby mausoleum that I spoke to, and the head priest agreed to assist me in locking this away deep within his vaults. I asked that he and Pharisma neither speak of this fiddle, as it is an infernal contraption.

This group returned again to town, and the Paladin even assisted in dispersing a mob. Oddly enough, those of us that met in the general goods store are all staying at the same Manor, I feel I’ve even met some of them before. With this nasty business over, I feel that I must spend some time in the laboratory concocting a belt full of various chemicals, as this is going to prove useful if the supernatural insists on reincarnating so frequently in these lands.



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