The Carrion Crown

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 32

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 32

The inside of this accursed church is exactly as I expected; completely, unpredictably unexpected. Again I had expected the masses of Whispering Way Necromancers, and instead the bulk of the church has been empty. A large creature stood watch within the crumbling bell tower, who had apparently not seen us on our exploration of the town, or did not care to stop us. None the less, I did not want to put my enemies at my back as I venture further into this place of desecration, so I chose to methodically check every area, and slay each beast within. Curiously, the bell in the bell tower was haunted with an eerie echo. I did not wish to experience this myself, so instead I pulled the watchman in the bell tower down on it, studying the effects it had on him as he landed on it. It released a rather painful sonic blast, and I am very glad that I chose not to experience it myself. After that I hoisted the bell back to the top of the tower, in a correct assumption that it would end the haunt.

Within the actual chapel itself, there was a pair of alcoves with Bloated Ghouls within them, feasting on mysterious and dubious meats of unknown origin. These creatures were particularly disgusting, as they would explode in a shower of bile at the slightest touch. The altar, too, was a piled mass of bodies that seemed to be a shrine to gluttony, as even I couldn’t help but begin to eat the flesh nearby; I still have the coppery taste of the unknown blood in my mouth. I dug out the body of the priest, who was apparently starved to death at the altar, and set his spirit to rest, deducing correctly that it would end my unnatural hunger. Finally, I came across something even I did not expect among this collection of oddities; a Harbinger of Famine. This creature, known for being one of the more potent entities, was magically held to a table where yet more Bloated Ghouls sat in front of it, constantly feasting and sating their gluttony. I find the concept of this experiment interesting, as I am unsure as to how this power can be harnessed or what properties it may have, but the Harbinger also seems rather angry for the display, and I feel the potential for the subject to backfire is too great a risk. After slaying the ghouls, the power holding the Harbinger back waned, and he took his leave of both me and this place, stating that he had work to be done.

With the interior clear, I ventured further down into the cellar of the Church, and came across another curiosity. A room with amenities and stew waited for me, complete with a hospitably ghostly butler. This setup was obviously created for initiates to the Whispering Way, but I was glad enough for the reprieve to act in this guise. The room across the way apparently was where the power of the Harbinger was being focused, because when I entered, a vampire was trying to fix her focusing apparatus. I slayed the vampire, and freed her victim, for whom must have been disoriented, as he apparently thought he had been turned undead.

Further down the hall, I finally came to a room of my element; an expansive alchemical laboratory. I again assumed correctly that this is where they had mixed the lich’s poison for the vassal of the Whispering Tyrant, and the notes here give grave portent that the solution was successful. When the alchemist came back to the room, I attempted to act further under the guise that I was an initiate, but it appeared that my professional reputation had proceeded me. The battle was well fought, and had thoroughly destroyed the laboratory, as well as the two fine specimens of Alchemical Golems. I am resting here for a while, and then I will proceed further to see where all of these Whispering Way members have gotten off to.



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