The Carrion Crown

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 4

It has been so few days since I have arrived on behalf of the poor late professor, and yet still the events that have occurred since have been drastically outside my standard regimen. These events have changed my perspective on my daily studies, and have convinced me that I need to be more prepared on-hand for odd occurrences, as well as being more prepared through research on this town. I had decided to venture into town to re-visit the apothecary so I can create the items I need.

One of the gentlemen I am staying with purposed while I was out to venture over to see the local wizard, who owned quite an extensive library. Naturally, being a studious individual, I asked him about my dead reflection, and he actually had encountered this before. I was offered a pendant to stave off the prying eyes of the reflection thief, and found to my amazement that my reflection did not disappear, but rather returned to normal; apparently he is not dead after all! I stayed and researched many of the happenings around town, finding out that there are many queer hauntings centered on this town, and apparently all somewhat associated with the Harrowstone prison. Of note, there were five prisoners that were delivered to Harrowstone before the fire that consumed the building. The gentleman even dug up information on one of the prisoners that proved it was he behind the strange blood splatterings in town, or his ghost… I have yet to exactly work out what manner of corporal state these criminals are in currently.

I was offered the opportunity to be commissioned to solve the queries of this town, along with anyone else staying in the Manor, and went to a town hall meeting to be announced. Strangely, the woman called upon a Tiefling to speak on my behalf, but her vocalizations were quite well thought out. All was not well, as has been my luck, as flaming skulls poured into the building setting the entire thing aflame with everyone inside. Many people jumped to action, and I recalled the Holy Water I had on my person, thinking to quench the fire with it. The blaze, however, grew too quickly, and I was forced to haul the last of the people alive out before the collapse of the structure. Before I had done so, I did manage to quench the unholy life from the last of the skulls, however.

I found it prudent to seek out the source of the attack, as no resolution had yet been applied to the cause of the attack, merely the effect, but the townsfolk argued that going to the prison site at night in search of a Necromancer would be unwise.

Later that night, as I was working in the laboratory, the Tiefling was rudely awakened to find her name scrawled in blood above her bed. I find this to be great news, as the ghosts of these five prisoners would not be so adamant about this Manor if it’s inhabitants were not on the right path. Logic and deduction will soon lead us to a conclusion, just as it has in the past happenings.

A list of curiosities for my memoirs:
A prisoner spelling names in blood has spelled “VE” so far…
A Necromantic cult was planning something at Harrowstone, perhaps killing the late Professor.
A creature that is linked to cabal cults has appeared to me, pretending to murder my reflection.
A song of feeding sturges, and cow mutilations are occurring outside of town.
Five important prisoners died at Harrowstone.
A book is now humming verses of a curious poem to me, but I cannot recall the pieces.
A rat man has apparently taken to talking to his tail.
The Paladin visited his own grave 50 years ago, or is dead, or is alive again, perhaps a ghost.

I must make sense of these oddities, as I am sure they are related to the overarching goal…



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