The Carrion Crown

The Logs of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entries 27 and 28

The Logs of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entries 27 and 28

Eureka! It has been a long, arduous effort, uphill through countless obstacles, but finally I have completed the greatest task of my life; I’ve successfully transmuted lead into gold! Walter’s theories, though fractured, were correct, and as I watched, the transmutation has been the most successful time of my life. I am happy to have been able to complete this, and I have so many ideas of the possibilities of Gold that will revolutionize the industries, such as gold plates, gold roofing, gold currency; no more must we worry of rust or of cleaning endlessly. Alas, this work must be set aside for the moment, as the final matters of the Whispering Way lie ahead of me, and I hold a smaller piece of the puzzle than I anticipated.

I attended a gathering in the hopes, successfully, of gaining access to the most complete library on the habits of the Whispering Way, owned by the Order of the Palentine Eye. I learned I think more that I even intended to, and I feel very humbled that I had not already guessed their game. What sort of spell will free and unfreeable bond, what sort of component is a Mace, what sort of form is the Whispering Tyrant supposed to take now that his body is far beyond desiccation? How could I not have known, he doesn’t intend to stroll out of his prison, he intends to transcend it. The plan is rather ingenious, if not for the fact that its end resultant is almost inevitably death for me. They intend to utilize a descendent of the Tyrant as a vassal for his soul, thereby bypassing every intricately placed lock and seal, and the spell isn’t some complex, unknown thing… it’s an elixir! Not only that, but it’s a simple elixir, barely a deviant on a litch’s poison.

The mace is not actually vital to the elixir either… well it is, but it isn’t, only it’s past is, which is written on it, but not actually in writing. The mace will lead to a rare and necessary component, somehow, and it will in turn be part of the ingredients. With the mace in my grasp, hopefully I will be able to find and locate this component, but barring that idea, I still know of a rarer component that is vital to this spell, and I have to destroy it; the Tyrant’s descendent.

What is more, I now know that I cannot trust the Order of the Palentine Eye, because these books were already extensively rifled through before my arrival, attempting to drain all this knowledge and more on the process. I conjecture from this that there is a traitor in their grasps, and while I do not have the time to smoke him out, I need to be vigilant not to expose my hand, as it were… though I am not one for wearing gloves.

I needed to know much more about the man that was the Tyrant if I am to locate the fruit of his offspring, as unsettling as that sounds to me. The oldest vampire in this city apparently has almost a thousand years on the Tyrant himself, and a great vendetta against him too. I had to visit this man, or vampire, but it was a little tricky to get into his inner circles. Luckily, I only had to burn down a single greenhouse in order to make it past his guards and into his graces. After I explained my task at hand, I found him to be quite personable, and I was very happy to have him as an ally. As it turned out, he had actually hunted down the Tyrant’s offspring before, and had some wonderful information on the hunt, which should leave very few descendants left.

I feel there is very little left for me to learn, and soon I will have to hunt down the key players in this game of theirs, but I feel I am ready.



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