Ammara and Kaelsha


Ammara is both a stain and mark of pride for her family in the forested realm of Kynoin. For she is the child of a elf and angel of the goddess Imodae. When her half celestial nature became known her father embarrassed by his wife’s infidelity no matter it was with an angel, took the girl aside and explained she was special. A chosen of the goddess and she had a mission in life only she could accomplish and it was however not to be found anywhere in Kynoin. So when she turned of age she departed for the wider lands to find her chosen mission, her older half brother Kaelsha angered by his father’s words chose to depart with her.


The pair wandered the Inner Sea for several decades before the girl claimed she knew her mission. It was on the eve of her ninety eight birthing day when she said the goddess came to her in a dream and explained her purpose in life. That purpose was to bring the religion of Imodae back the haunted lands of Ustalav. And while not a branded crime the worship of other deities then the Lady of Graves is strongly frowned upon in that land, and her brother knew this and tried to discourage her but could find no way to do so. And so the pair set off and for the next fifty years they roamed that land, preaching the word of Imodae, building small shrines and setting up secret worshippers. Thus the pair became wanted criminals for their acts and various crimes of vandalism, breaking and entering, trespass and theft. The two changed the names they used and often pass themselves as traveling lovers to ally suspicions of themselves. Now having learned of the Ashes before Dawn Murders Ammara is determined to solve the crime as she believes doing so will place her in favor of the cities rulers both alive and dead and thus allow her to start and official temple in the city. Kaelsha however is not so naive as his younger sister and knows that given half a chance the rulers would gladly try and pin the murders on her. His only goal now is to try and get the pair of the city before someone discovers their presence.


Ammara and Kaelsha

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