Chester Leopold Caspian IV

Mad Alchemist


Chester appears as a small, almost frail young man. He does not stand out in a crowd, and indeed attracts little attention wherever he goes. He always smells vaguely of formaldehyde and burnt cloth.


Chester was born to a noble family in Cheliax, next in a long line of family scions. In his youth, his parents denied him nothing and he grew up spoiled and mostly detached from his peers, preferring to spend his time poring over old books and tomes of lore in the family library. Though seeming frail, he possessed an innate toughness that was not apparent to the eye. During his childhood, he also spent time exploring the family crypts, where he found the tomb of what appeared to be an older brother of his, born only a year before he. Questioning his parents on the subject, they refused to speak of it and told him to ignore the inscription in the crypt. Unable to suppress his curiosity, Chester managed to muscle open the tiny vault and look inside. History does not record what he saw, but it left him forever changed. After that day, he withdrew further and further into himself and his studies, and spent as little time around his father as he could.

In time he grew fascinated with anatomy, chemistry, biology and natural lore, and after exhausting his family’s libraries, he traveled to other centers of learning to absorb what could be found there. After a time, his father called for him to return home and take up his role as head of the family’s affairs. Chester had little to no interest in this subject, but when his father threatened to cut him off he had no choice but to return home. Details are unclear as to what happened when he returned, but it was later reported by the servants that he and his father had a loud argument, and that they may have come to blows. They overheard a heated discussion regarding Chester’s brother Bjorn, whom none of the servants had met or even heard of. After the argument, Chester retired to him rooms on the third floor. Gendarmes investigating the scene afterwards concluded that later that night something burst out of the family crypts, rampaged through the house and finally burst into the study, where the Elder Caspian was found brutally murdered, his body savaged almost beyond recognition. Chester left home soon after that incident, and his mother died the next year of her grief.

Lacking the support of his family, Chester found himself in need of work. He spent a few years consulting with various academic institutions, but his odd personality quirks meant that he was never welcome for too long in many places. Eventually he was approached by Professor Lorrimor who needed an expert on the various subjects that Chester had mastered. The professor was quite tolerant of Chester’s strange habits, and considered him a valuable resource. Chester was grateful to the professor for his friendship; indeed he considered Professor Lorrimor to be his first and only true friend. The two continued corresponding via letter over the years, until finally Chester received word of his passing, and that he had been named as a beneficiary in Professor Lorrimor’s will. He immediately made his way to Ustalav, to pay his respects and honor his friend’s final wishes.

Chester Leopold Caspian IV

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