Dr. Joston Elveret

Male Human Mindchemist


Dr. Joston Elveret is exceptionally tall and lanky for a man, easily noticeable because of his multi-lensed spectacles that either he chooses to wear all the time, or simply forgets to take off when he is not in his laboratory, and his wild, unkempt hair that seems to inexplicably defy gravity. Often sporting a worn tweed overcoat and comfortable slacks, Joston’s clothing is almost unremarkable, aside from the whizzing gadgets that seem to rustle under every inch of clothed area.


Born to a noble family and raised with a comfortable life, young Joston Elveret was originally considered autistic, until testing discovered that there was no physical inconsistency with the body or mind of the boy, he just has an odd personality. As Joston grew, his propensity for being able to disassemble anything, piece it back together, recreate it, and in some cases upgrade it became readily noticeable. Even more so, the absorption rate of the child’s mind for scientific books, studies, and theory was almost photographic, and Joston quickly skyrocketed to the top of any academic of scholarly standard he was put to. Unfortunately, though the young boy had played much as any other, or shown affection to parents, as he grew and fueled his mind with these studies, he quickly lost time for social aspects of his life.

A need for space to work necessitated a laboratory early on, and the need for study of exotic theories, ingredients, and objects quickly led to travel. Family, friends, and ties were washed away in the tidal wave of invention and creation, all in the pursuit of various, seemingly unlinked projects which consumed every hour of Joston’s time and mind. Were Joston to ever look up from inventions, vials, and textbooks, he may well have seen his life pass him by on a social level, but there was truly no thought ever put towards such trivial things when there was work to be done. The vast range of studies and experiments Joston undertook may well have created a necessity for his focus to narrow, but the end result was such an acute attention span that Joston will literally pursue a project, deviate two or three times within the experimentation, and often complete the project with an invention or concoction completely different from his original intentions.

His focused studies quickly earned him a reputation as one of the most brilliant minds alive, but his social eccentricities, and his focus issues, prevent that fame from being wide spread, as he is quite a burden to work with, and may not produce intended results, though he will always produce something of note. Rumors spread that Joston is incapable of sleeping or eating, though skeptics say he just forgets, but still, with all of this plus his insensitivity towards society, some believe him to be a robot, created to invent. Often times, when confronted by this, Joston manages at least half a sentence on the subject, before rambling off on theoretical biology, ending is a personal, daily greeting to a vial of some ingredient on the shelf next to him. Because of his fractured manner of thought and speech, there is no telling where the truth may lie.

Truly, a man of Joston’s mind worked alongside the Professor quite often, especially given the Professor’s tendency for handling and tolerating eccentric individuals. While Joston may be completely absent-minded towards most social workings, he is obviously not above leaving his laboratory for a funeral of a colleague, as he packed immediately upon hearing of the Professor’s passing. No tears pass the man’s cheeks, nor do his hands tremble for the loss of perhaps the only man that truly tolerated him, and he may well have accidentally packed Nitroglycerine instead of additional pairs of pants, but none the less his heart is apparently in the right and proper place.

Dr. Joston Elveret

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