Khalluu Bodinar

Tiefling Gunslinger


Though Khalluu doesn’t stand very tall she certainly stands out. Even without the four horns, the lengthy tail, or scraggly wings, her bright red hair is more than loud enough. She is also loud, and lacks any and all social grace. She doesn’t use many big words, but she is far from stupid.

Her clothes (all her belongings really) are well worn but of surprisingly high quality, given her social standing they were most definitely quite possibly stolen.

Most notably about her character is Khalluu’s extremely practical and down-to-earth view of her demonic heritage. She understands people’s unease towards her presence, she understands their fear, and she is neither bitter nor resentful towards the hardship her blood had brought her (though it has brought plenty.) Just as she accepts and deals with the bad, she equally appreciates and utilizes the good. Taking full advantage of her above average physical capabilities and her natural understanding of dark languages and dealings. You could insult her being and heritage as much as you want, but don’t speak badly of her parents themselves. She might shoot you for it.


Khalluu, in an extremely predicable fashion, is the daughter of a whore. In fact the only thing atypical of the tiefling’s young childhood is that her mother lived long enough for Khalluu to have many, most of them fond, memories of the woman. Her mother, Delilah, taught Khalluu how to read and write. Some of the other whores of the brothel taught her other skills: dancing, pick-pocketing, and a deep appreciation of folklore. However Delilah died of sickness when Khalluu was about 10, and Khalluu was booted from the brothel only a few weeks later. The entire time she was there Khalluu never thought to ask about her father.

Not being accepted into any local orphanages she was forced to the streets, surviving day to day
by stealing and occasionally throwing in with small gangs, she gained excellent reflexes and an apt slight of hand.

Over the years she grew better and better, and more and more cocky. She stole increasingly valuable items, and one day she found a man with a very shiny watch she took a liking to. She followed the man for some time waiting for the best moment. She so very nearly got away with it, but the man had several loyal subordinates who managed to catch her.

But the man was impressed with how close she came and instead of having the young girl (she was still only 14 or so) arrested Captain Davin Bodinar took her to serve and learn on his ship. It didn’t take Khalluu long to realize that the man would have never summoned the guard. Pirates tended to avoid the guard as much as possible.

Though Bodinar took full advantage of her heritage as an asset to his ship over the years the two grew very close, her taught her almost everything he knew. Khalluu was spectacularly gifted with the gun. She proved a quick and competent understudy. Khalluu loved the freedom a life on the sea provided, and though being raised by pirates has granted her a rather loose respect for personal property she maintains a deep respect for life and the ability for people to live however they wish.

She stayed with the ship and its crew for many years, but (then Jenny got really really lazy about this bio and decided to bullet point the rest)

  • Bodinar was killed by rival pirates
  • Khalluu & Co killed said pirates
  • Khalluu left the ship and joined up with a Varisian caravan for a little bit
  • Left that, wandered, went back to stealing and getting into trouble
  • Ended up in a big city where she was briefly accosted by some pervvy scholars, and was saved by a nutty professor who said she owed him now.
  • That guy died and here we are.

Khalluu Bodinar

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