Kovar Nopos

Half-Elf Summoner, Deceased


Kovar would be a relatively handsome man if not for all the scars on his body. He has an especially long scar on the right hand side of his face, extending from brow to jawline. This is the only scar that he has not taken great pains to cover or keep covered during the course of the day. He wears bulky clothing and moves slowly. His pace is awkward and he seems to have difficulty moving when he is not encompassed in a blue light. His scars range from his lower legs up to his chest, with additional scars on his arms, and back. The locations of were bone punctured the skin when it was broken is easily identifiable, while the cuts and tears have the scar patterns of both claws and weapons.

When he is merged with his Eidolon his movements become more controlled and fluid, more like that of a trained athlete then the cripple that he really is. Additionally his eyes, which are usually a bright sapphire color, start to glow with an even more intense blue light. While at most times this nimbus of blue light that surrounds him is insubstantial, when he exerts himself or becomes stressed it solidifies into a creature of some sort, with a lion head and razor sharp claws on his hands but the body of a man.


I never knew my mother. From what my father told me she was a historian seeking relics of ages past, when the Whispering Tyrant ravaged the land and elves helped to seal him away in his fortress. They grew fond of each and started a relationship, yet once I was born she left, returning to the forest of Kyonin, leaving me in the care of my father. While he was not prepared to raise me alone, I know he did all he could to ensure that I had a secure childhood.

I had an uneventful childhood and it was only a few years ago that I experienced my first major life changing event in my life. I was attacked in the night, by a creature of darkness, that stunk of death and decay, yet each strike seemed to burn with an unholy fire born from the pits of hell. Try as I might I could not fight my way free of the monster, and suffered such pain and agony that I lost consciousness, as it stripped the very flesh from my bones. When I woke, days later in town, was the first time I met the professor. He came to see the survivor of an attack that had killed 10 people in the last month, a fact that I was not aware of when I was returning home from work that night. The professor told me what the creature was that attacked me and that I was lucky to survive.

Yet surviving did not seem lucky, as the attack had left me a cripple. Broken and weak, bones broken, shattered and dislocated from joints. Muscles torn, pulled away from the bone, and we did not have the money to find a cleric that could restore me to my pervious uninjured state. I was now a shell of the man I was becoming, and it is only with the help of the professor that I was able to stay sane and healthy. He helped me to tap into a reserve of strength I did not know I possessed, a conduit to another realm, a part of my soul that others never have access to.

Since the event I had stayed in contact with the professor. Talking about my event, the things I had learned about the creature, and ultimately how I have been progressing in my connection to my spirit. The professor said the magic was arcane in nature, yet I have felt from the first time I accessed the other part of myself that it was divine in nature. A gift from the gods, a way to fulfill the promise that I have as a person, as a champion for the greater good. I have tried to be a beacon of hope for the people in my town, a sign that even in Ustalav man can overcome the ravages of the dead and devils that rule the darkness, given enough time and willpower. Yet each day I wake I am reminded of the torment that I live with, the ravages of my body, and the hatred I feel toward the unnatural creatures here. I seek only a single chance to seek out my attacker once again, and show it that I am not the broken, shattered thing that it left behind like trash.

I have been seeking a means to seek out the beast, and was planning on contacting the professor again. I was just about to send him a letter asking if he would be willing help me seek out this creature, when I was told of his death and his wishes for me to present at the reading of his will. I only hope that he had one last insight for me regarding the nature of the creature that attacked me so long ago.

Kovar Nopos

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