Tusk Graves

Half Orc Ranger


Tusk is a Half Orc male. He is 23 years old, stands at 6’1” and has light green skin, brown hair and brown eyes. He lives in the wilderness outside of Lepidstadt and is rarely without his companion, Fang.


“You wanna know where I’m from? Well I’ll tell you what I know … what I’ve heard. I don’t remember a lot of my childhood so most of that I’ve just heard in stories. Pretty obvious what happened to my mother, I suppose. I guess that when she gave birth she left me for dead but I was picked up by the other ‘unwanted’ denizens of Lepidstadt. Eventually, I ended up living underground with the Ratkin. This is where the memories start to come in. I fit in well with them below the city. Like them, I had no trouble seeing in the dark; they treated me like one of their own, I went where they went, ate what they ate, they even named me. Tusk works for someone like me … it stuck. The last name came a little later. I started getting too big to stay in the underground with the Ratkin so I left them; of course that meant I needed a job. I got hired on digging graves in the city. It was hard and dirty work, but it kept me out of the public eye … for a while anyway. I scraped by that way for a few years, but when I was about 13 an incident happened. The children of some rich folks came into the cemetery one evening at dusk, I was finishing up a job when they came and started harassing me … they beat me … I didn’t touch them, I knew it wouldn’t do any good. Eventually, they left but somehow they didn’t make it home. Many people say the cemetery is haunted and I know there are places I wouldn’t go … my guess is they were killed by some kind of undead. It didn’t matter much because the parents blamed me. I was run out of town … torches, pitchforks, the full experience. I escaped with my life and not much else. I had no desire to go back to that place even when I started starving to death. After days of not knowing how to take care of myself in the wild I passed out. I was lucky Weeping Willow found me before some scavenger did. She’s an old Druid who lives out in these parts. She took me in, raised me, taught me almost everything I know, even introduced me to Fang. She’s a good friend, but I don’t see her much since she sent me on my way to spread my wings, as she said. I think that about brings us up to speed. Since then I’ve been living out here. Not just surviving though; there are lots of bad things out here that need to be killed. Undead mostly. The people in that city have no idea the kind of things I’ve kept off their doorstep. It would be easy to hate them, but the truth is it wouldn’t be worth it. I’ll just keep doing what I do and keep letting them do what they do.”

Tusk Graves

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