Rebec Malevolenti


Rebec Malevolenti – Minor Relic
Aura strong necromancy [evil]; CL 12th

Slot —; Price —; Weight 3 lbs.


This is a three-stringed fiddle made with a narrowboat-shaped body and a horsehair bow. Its finish has the cracked polish of old bone, and when stared at intently tiny glowing red lettering can be seen to swirl about just beneath its varnish, never staying still long enough to read the infernal writing. When played by someone with at least 1 rank in Perform (stringed instruments), the rebec grants the following powers to the fiddler for as long as she plays: The player is provided with a +3 bonus to natural armor and DR 5/magic The player receives the immunities associated with undead traits, though she does not actually become undead or become otherwise susceptible to positive energy attacks.

The player becomes engrossed in the playing and suffers a –4 penalty to Perception while doing so. Anytime the player is reduced to 0 hit points or below, the rebec grants the effects of a false life spell on the player as an immediate action giving her 1d10+10 temporary hit points. Unlike the spell, these temporary hit points remain for as long as the fiddler plays. There is no limit to the number of times it can cast false life, and it can do so multiple times per round. The rebec grants lesser restoration upon the fiddler once per day to mitigate any effects of fatigue or exhaustion in order to allow her to keep playing. The player remains under the constant effects of a freedom of movement spell. The primary purpose of the rebec is to animate the dead to wretched unlife. Each round that the rebec is played, any corpses within the range of its hearing (including those buried in this range) are subject to reanimation. Even corpses that have rotted away can return as incorporeal undead. For each round of playing in an area where dead bodies are available, roll d6 to determine what type of undead creature that is created. These creatures do not attack the fiddler but are not otherwise under the player’s command; they remain true to form, attacking living creatures as opportunity presents. They remain animated until destroyed or the rebec is destroyed at which point all previously animated undead return to death once again.

d6 Undead Type

1–2 skeleton

3–4 zombie

5 ectoplasmic creature (see Pathfinder Adventure Path #43 86)

6 creature of GMs choice

(lesser shadow and ghoul wolf in this adventure)

The effects and powers of the rebec cannot be dispelled or nullified by silence or countersong (though counter song will prevent the animation of undead creatures for its duration). The fiddler need not concentrate for the rebec’s powers to activate, though she must use a move action each round that does not provoke attacks of opportunity to play the instrument.


Rebec Malevolenti

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