Trick Shot Glove


Aura faint divination and transmutation; CL 5th
Slot hands; Price 7,500 gp; Weight –
This single leather glove only has two fingers, leaving all but the thumb and fore finger uncovered. Such gloves are designed to prevent damage to the wearer’s fingers caused by the cocking, firing or flash burns from guns.

A trick shot glove allows its wearer to bank a ranged attack off a solid metal or stone object in order to hit a target that the glove’s wearer might not be able to hit otherwise. Due to the magical nature of the glove, this object could be a wall, the ceiling, or even the shield of another creature (only a heavy or tower shield made of metal or stone can be used in such a manner). The attack takes a -2 penalty on the attack roll and can only be made against a target within the first range increment of the weapon, though the angle of the banked shot does not matter. The glove’s wearer must still be able to see the target (reflections are acceptable using GM discretion). This ability takes a standard action and can be used three times per day.

Additionally, the glove’s wearer may make a single ranged attack as a standard action that ignores the soft cover provided by a single creature. A wearer with the rapid shot feat may instead use a full-attack action to make two attacks (with the normal -2 attack roll penalties to both attacks) when using this ability. This ability can be used five times per day.

A second glove provides no additional bonuses. Though designed for use with a bow, a trick shot glove functions when used with any ranged or thrown weapon.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, true strike, unerring weapon; Cost 3750 gp

Trick Shot Glove

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