Craft Alchemical Items

Craft Alchemical Items

The craft rules from the book make it very difficult for any character to make anything, most especially alchemists. In order to provide a more reliable means of production of items for the alchemist we are making the following change to the way that alchemical items are made in the Carrion Crown Adventure Path.

The crafting rules normally require a number of relatively complex and extensive calculations to determine the amount of progress made toward creating an item. In order to simplify and make crafting an option for gameplay, we are going to alter the means of crafting alchemical items to align more with the Brew Potion feat (which alchemists gain for free) while still maintaining the need to use the Craft(Alchemy) skill.

Brew Potion allows a caster to brew any potion that costs less than 250 gold in a 2 hour timeframe. If it exceeds that amount, it takes one day per thousand gold. The new baseline for crafting will be the 250 gold in 2 hours of work. When crafting alchemical items in this way, the character will choose a single alchemical item to work on per 2 hour time period, no mixing and matching during the creation process, s the lab is set up for speed and efficiency for creating a single alchemical item. When creating alchemical items you may make any number of the same item, so long as the maximum value of the batch does not exceed the 250 gold piece limit per attempt. Creating large batches also requires more attention and increases the difficulty of the crafting, increasing the base DC by 1 per additional item, including the first.

How the process will work.

1. Determine the number of items being created.

2. Determine the total cost of materials*. (Cost = (item book price/2)*Number of items)

3. Determine the DC to craft the batch of alchemical items. (Base DC + Number of items = Total DC)

4. Make a craft check. Success means all items are created. Failure of less than 5 means that you can retry your batch. Failure by 5 or more means that the process was tainted and materials were lost.

At 3rd level the Alchemist gains the Swift Alchemy class ability. This will change the time requirement for creating items from 2 hours to 1 hour.

At 18th level the alchemist gains the instant Alchemy ability and it will replace this process entirely, as they can create any single alchemical item as a full round action with instant alchemy by making a single craft(alchemy) check.

The Feat Master Alchemist will double the total value of alchemical items that can be made during the brewing process from 250 gold to 500 gold.

*Holy water does not follow the 50% of item cost rule, as the material cost is the cost of the item. Holy water is sold at the material cost according to the text.

Craft Alchemical Items

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