Tale of the Prince of Wolves

The golden era of the nation of Ustalav had begun and the king ruled his people with a gentle hand but unbeknownst to them a great evil festered under their soil. The once mighty wizard Tar-Baphon was being raised into the form of a lich by his followers. When the great ritual was complete he used the inhuman warriors of the Belkezen Holds to being a conquest of the nation. The king raised his armies to fight and the queen went to her children and she called to her the oldest of them.

First child of mine oldest and strongest of my children you are favored by the goddess of life and to you I give this great mace. Go forth and lead our armies to defeat this invader. The sons head was sent back his symbol of faith nailed to his forehead.

Second child of mine skilled in the martial ways of sword and shield you are held in high esteem by the god of war. Take this shield of magic and go forth and fight this invader. The sons head was sent back served upon his shield as if for a banquet.

Third child of mine the shadows hold no fear for you, your feet are as light as the wind. Take this enchanted dagger and cloak and go forth and defeat this invader to our lands. The sons head was returned wrapped in the cloak the dagger holding it closed.

Fourth child of mine the arcane are not mystery to for you are steeped in its magic and power, take this staff of magic and go forth to defeat this false lord. The son’s head was returned mounted upon the staff.

Fifth child of mine you are wise beyond years and your body is strong and your mind Is keen, to you I give great wealth to raise a army to lead in challenge to this false warlord. The boys head was returned hollowed out and filled with gold.

Sixth child to you I have nothing to give and ask that you go forth and give your life to defeat this tyrant.

So the last child of the King went forth with nothing to guide him and he found the Tyrant waiting for him but rather than raise blade or spell he bent knee to him. To you I swear fealty great lord, give me power and I shall give you the lands you desire. And so the Tyrant did, he took the boy in and taught the ways of magic and of steel. The boy then went back to his country and gathered to him the people of the wilds, those who refused to settle down. To these wanderers Virlych gave the power of the beasts, and with them he delivered the lands to his new lord and master. As the years rolled by he was sent on many missions of conquest by his lord and he used his children the Scarnazi to hunt down powerful magic and ancient lore. It is said he kept these items hidden away from his lord, secrets he kept to help him one day challenge the Whispering Tyrant and overthrow him so he could rule in his place. But in truth he hid these from the Tyrant to keep him from gaining even more power and he did hope to overthrow him but not to replace him. For he desired not to rule a nation, he wanted only to rule his people of the forest and the plains and live in peace.

But Tar-Baphon found out and attacked Virlych and in a titanic battle he slew his more favored general but weakened by fight he fled back to Gallowspire to rest and so the children of the wolf took their Princes body and carried it way to hide it along with all he had hidden from the Tyrant. It is said there they carved a statue of Virlych’s real mother a creature not of their world and with wings like those of a great bat but a body and beauty to shame all others. There she would watch over her son and when the time was right she would raise him up once more and send him to draw his people together again and lead them to challenge the Whispering one once more and stop him from rising to power.

Tale of the Prince of Wolves

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