The Trial of the Beast

Rules of the Trial


The trial proceeds as follows:

The first day concerns the killing of the villagers of Morast.
The second day presents evidence for the deaths of the children of Hergstag.
The third of the trial involves the burning down of Sanctuary and the deaths of the doctor and his patients within.
The Fourth and final day will deal with the breaking at the University and the deaths of its guards followed by the final verdict.

Presenting Evidence

If the PCs have evidence to present, they may do so, likely after consultation with Gustav Kaple so they can agree on what questions he will ask based on their evidence. The trial process is steeped in the history and traditions of Ustalav, however, and any new evidence must be submitted to the Clerk of the Court before 10 a.m. of the day it is to be brought before the court. Extraordinary evidence may also be submitted for consideration and inserted into the proceedings (giving the PCs chances to bring new evidence into the trial), following the same restrictions. Once evidence has been submitted, the PC that wishes to testify to it will be kept in the Defence Chamber until called to the stand, where they are questioned and subsequently dismissed. While multiple PCs can be called to the stand, only one PC can present each piece of evidence.

Gustav Kaple cautions the PCs about any attempts to deceive the court through the use of subterfuge or spells, which are forbidden in the courtroom and if discovered will go badly for them. Gustav will be on hand to help answer any legal questions, offer advice or run minor errands. Only a single PC will be able to question witness at a time and once started may not change out for another.

Each day the PC’s will have to make a Diplomacy check to see if they can sway the judges verdict. Key evidence that shows the innocents of the Beast will give bonus as will good role-playing of the court drama.

The Trial of the Beast

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