The Carrion Crown

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 12

Upon setting out to clear Leopold of yet another false allegation, I find that this investigation stuff truly suits me! I am invigorated with the sleuthing and the tests to bring someone to a logical conclusion of innocence or guilt, it is all so very wonderfully mathematical, and the verdict so logical. As well, I am gathering that, should one be a city full of unsolved crimes, though one cannot be a city, thought they can be full of crime, though not literally, they would do well to convict a curiously childish monstrosity. It seems that doing so, and alleging all unsolved crimes upon the man, or beast, or golem, or people, as it were, will set into motion the incremental solving of crimes at the rate of which I should think most sheriffs are unable to accommodate, truly fascinating. I still struggle with the theory of a “Innocence” Potion that will automatically tell if a man is of guilt for an act, but this is for later.

I needed not venture far to reach the asylum that Leopold was once again accused of burning, and again alchemist’s fire was found, which Leopold has demonstrated no affinity for. He states that he was actually at the facility, but only to save the victims, for which he was hindered to do, as he was chased off. Evidence pointed half to a perpetrator of the crime, and half to the oddity of the origin of the victims. It was rather easy to determine the true pyromaniac that set fire, as he walked in on me as I was investigating the scene, rather rudely, and asked that I stop investigation, offering, strangely, a broken leg as the positive incentive. This was not going to work, so I fought him off, recognizing him as a rage chemist, and used his weaknesses, forcing his rage to overwhelm his sane thoughts and ultimately suffocating his mind. From there, easy transport of the new “Beast of Lepstdat” was possible.

The presentation of my new Beast of Lepstdat was a great success, as the judges met with me and re-arranged everything based on the evidence. The old witnesses were brought forth and were asked against this new creature, finding themselves unsure between the two. The trial of the asylum was thrown out due to this evidence, or actually it was that Leopold was freed, as the deaths shouldn’t be thrown out, or forgotten, but who could forget, certainly I didn’t forget. I still needed to investigate the last piece of dirty business at the University.

A great Doctor at the University was happy to walk me through the crime scene. He himself seemed to be a greatly knowledgeable man, though he was unable to see the truth behind anything of the scene. To my best opinion, A set of Necromancers simultaneously used control undead to control Leopold, a summoned Imp to hide the statue, and another, flying, third beast of Lepstadt took it from there. A rather simple and easy crime scene that seems straight forward. I was able to track this all down to a man of stature within the city, for which I will investigate tonight.

The interesting thing of note is the involvement of these Mythos creatures I have been reading about. It came to me that the Mythos has been strangely integrated in most of these cases. I have taken a closer look at Leopold, only to realize that his scales are that of the Deep ones, creatures associated with the Old God Cthulu, for who’s statue has been taken. To further this, the patients of the asylum were all Deep one offspring, and I have uncovered a ring that was selling the bodies of these creatures. Everything points to such a simple conclusion, that Leopold’s father has been purchasing Deep one bodies to create flesh golems and have a multitude, all somehow related to Cthulu, or the statue he had them steal. It seems pretty open and shut to me, and I am sure the judges will see the truth in this misunderstanding as well.



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