The Carrion Crown

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 15

The deeper I venture into this castle, the more I become quite intrigued in what I find, though I must confess that the organization leaves something to be desired. For a start, I am not quite sure I would hold a number of exotic creatures in a lousy wooden crate, unless I were anticipating their inevitable escape, nor would I hold a living mummy in an insecure sarcophagus. As it was, however, apparently myself and the Duke did not see eye to eye on these matters, and I was forced to put these creatures down. The castle was rather empty, eerily so, and aside from some rather diabolically laid out silos, I found nothing of note.

When I Set out back, the large lightning rod struck my eye, not literally thankfully, and I knew where the flesh golems were being created. I was thankful to find that the giant golem modeled after a six armed gorilla was too tangled in spider webs to attack. In the end, I had located the Duke, but he appears to be rather uncomfortably secured in an Iron Maden. I am standing here currently, looking for what course of action is best…. we shall see.



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