The Carrion Crown

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 19

After my return to this plane, I deliberated with the werewolves on hand about their politics, yet again. It seemed strange to me that they would be so very adamant about this ancient heart ritual that they would bow to any man, even if they took the heart outside of werewolf territory and disgraced everything they meant. I suppose they assume that if someone unworthy eats this heart, than they can kill that man, but if the heart remains uneaten, then there will never be a leader proper. I tried talking reason into them, possibly electing a board of leaders from the tribes, but it appears that, even though they all seek peace, none of them are willing to extend their necks, as it were, to make that peace happen. Their bottom line is, eat a heart, gain their respect… which is every bit as barbaric as it sounds.

The only useful piece of information that was gained was that the demon-werewolf clan was already en route to the nearest village, well, not the nearest, but the nearest village that has necromancers, well, the nearest one that was recently invaded by my necromancers, not that I have any necromancers. I set off post haste to attempt to cut them off, as I cannot consider any positive outcomes of the combination of demon-werewolves and necromancers, but at this I found I had a great deal of trouble, as my wagon is not meant for any off-trail adventures. It was quite a surprise to find out that after my haste, and inability to overcome the obstacles, I came out ahead of the creatures. Thus ensued, as these barbaric creatures would always do, a combat. I was prepared, however, with silver pellet grenades, and once the leader was felled, the rest snapped in line.

We only had to go a little ways further to see a wonderful sight, thousands of undead raised from the corpses of this village! Of course, this posed a problem to me, as the necromancer’s next ingredient is a skull fashioned from a multitude of dead, so I had to devise a plan to stop the production of this. There are around seven necromancers, and the murder of any of them or their undead in town would send up a horribly outnumbering alert, so it was deduced that a stealth assassination was in order. Naturally, the most heavily guarded and secluded place, a tower, is where the leader is held up. He seems only to come out every so often to present whatever it is he is finding, but the time in between his appearances gives the best window of opportunity. He will be my first target, and from there, I plan to establish a base of operations to commit the rest to death, hopefully quietly. I am not often one for stealth, or assassination, or necromancers, or even unpaved roads, but this surely will be for a purpose worthy of exceeding my comfort zone.



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