The Carrion Crown

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 22

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 22

I am relieved to finally feel like I may actually be gaining some leverage on these ill meaning Necromancers, though I have yet to meet a well meaning Necromancer… perhaps there is a use for Necromantic magics to assist in rejoining loved ones, I believe I will have to look into this idea, but a a later point. The pathfinder was able to escort me to the town for which has a teleportation portal which will help me travel to cut off the courier. Ultimately, this will assist me in attaining the Raven’s Tongue, as I find out is a mace that assisted in vanquishing the Tyrant quite some time ago. However, there was a slight gift disguised as a curse that I had to encounter before I could use the portal.

As I approached the town at the base of the portal’s hill, though I am unsure a portal can hold claim to a town, or a hill, I realized that the entire force of the town was attending to a rather messy scene. Of course, with my keen knowledge of oddities and crimes, the overseeing office gladly allowed me to assist in the investigation, which was very fortuitous for him, as I am unsure that he would have had the stomach for solving what I witnessed as the perpetrator, a creature birthed of one of the Elder Gods of Mythos. Following a trail of slime, I was able to pinpoint the point of origin, for which the creature was summoned by a group of individuals seeking ultimate knowledge. Somehow, I feel they missed the clause of the ritual that stated that the creature must consume each of those whom summoned it, which seems to be a rather foolish mistake. In the room however, to my fortune, a very king ghoul was able to expound upon the nature of the ritual, and in no time, I was able to locate the surviving members of the ritual. Unfortunately, the Elder Gods’ return to our realm would manifest in mass hysteria and chaos, and this ritual is to bring about just that, so I was not left with any option but to stop the creature.

With haste, I exited and headed for the mental asylum, where one of the survivors would undoubtedly hold up, as he was the proprietor of the institution. I wished to ask those on the way if they had seen the invisible monster, but apparently the villagers here do not react well to outsiders, as they mostly ignored my questioning. Thankfully, it was easy to tell by the live psychiatric patients still strapped to the walls that I was before the creature, otherwise these men would have been slaughtered. I was able to locate a guard, who had informed me that the proprietor was in fact on the third floor holding out for the creature, so I rushed to join him. Unfortunately, I must have fallen into the trap he set for the beast, and was forced to incinerate the man’s creature, meant to bodyguard him, but luckily I was in time to offer myself as a worthy stand in.

No sooner did we meet than the creature started to come, and I must say that the image of that beast, if looked upon with the ability to see through its invisibility, will stick with me forever. The books sang to me of their appearance, but there are not words in any tongues to do this grotesqueness justice. It became apparent that the beast was going to be quite a tough battle, and so an alternate strategy was required. Instead f felling the creature, a binding spell was placed on it instead. One for which allowed me to ask of it one request in exchange for another. the best part of the spell is that, once complete, the creature is automatically returned to it’s plane. The trick of this bargain was in the wording and favor asked, as I did not want for the creature to finish it’s task and attempt to finish our battle. I asked of it the one thing that truly was necessary of a creature of these talents; that it hunt down the second courier that holds the other pieces of the ritual to bring about the Whispering Tyrant, and that it demolish those items. With him after those items, and me after the Raven’s Tongue, it puts these poor Necromancers in quite a bad spot. Should the beast fail, however, it merely means that it has been taken care of and I did not have to struggle further and waste yet more precious time.

In return, all it asked was to return a mirror of it’s god to the original realm, which I can easily do atop the hill I came for in the first place. I found this Shaggoth to be quite reasonable, actually, and if I should find myself in the future, I should remember how reasonable these creatures are, as the deal was quite preferable to yet another battle and incineration. Now, with haste, I must be off to gather this Raven’s Tongue. These relics must all be destroyed, and I fear more Mythos are to present themselves, as this mace was lost at sea, but the Elder God Cthulu is quite the seafaring type, as it reads.



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