The Carrion Crown

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 29

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 29

The further of my search to locate the killer of vampire nobles in town has come to a head, or a head of the murders, as it were. Upon further conversations with the kind gentlemen down in the Vampire sanctuary, and a very revealing interview with the head suspect, I quickly determined that he was not to be responsible. Many fond memories of Leopold in Lepstadt had crossed my mind, but I knew there would be no fair trial under these guidelines for this man. Instead, following a hunch of misdirection and guile, I went to visit the source of the noble’s documents. While I would love nothing more than to believe that a humble tailor would be so loyal as to steal incriminating documents from his clients, I also understand that this may be bad for business, and had no reason to believe that he indeed stole these documents fairly. To test this theory, I had ordered a suit for myself, and allowed the man to have my old overcoat, for which I slipped in a fake note, incriminating him. Unsure of the reaction this may cause, I was eager to run the experiment. That evening, when I returned to my room at the Inn, there was no surprise to find two vampires within, waiting to assassinate me. Of course, I had anticipated this, so I had brought a new sunlight concoction with me, for which drove them away quite effectively.

From there, I was instructed by the head vampire to merely point out the culprit, and he would handle the rest. It was a quick trial, and an ominous sentencing, for which I feel was much more of a punishment than I could imaging, but I was disinclined to inquire as to the nature of the sentencing. While on the stand, the poor vampire tailor suggested that with the death of the current ruler, he somehow would have came into power, which I am not entirely sure would have been the proper allotment of ranking order, unless the vampire culture is altogether more fascinating than I assume, and tailors are far more respected in their culture. For what I can tell at least, the current ruler does not seem to have an interest in clothing creation.

To conclude the evening, I found myself with a few old friends from the Professor’s funeral, though I don’t recall most of them, and we were paid a surprise visit from his daughter. I am unsure how I had stumbled upon the funeral’s reunion, nor was I aware that funerals called for reunions, but I was pleased to see so many faces. It was then that the poor dear had shown a side of herself that I had only speculated on beforehand, as she seemingly transformed into a different person and attempted to stab someone at the party. It was all to clear that she, or this side of her, had been acting in partnership with the Whispering Way the entire time, which would explain quite a bit of their ability at gaining the upper hand on us. As she lunged for the mace I had acquired under the bay, it was all to apparent that she needed it’s secrets in regards to the lich’s variant potion they were creating, and she even tipper her hand as to where the descendant of the Tyrant can be found. Invariably, this is a trap, but knowing this can provide the upper hand to myself, even if I walk strait into it’s jaws. This must be prevented, and I feel I am fully capable of stopping this mess from making a massive impact on history… hopefully.



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