Savage Necromancer


Grond was born to a roaming tribe of savage barbarians. Never having much skill at arms and being a poor hunter, he was abandoned by his tribe at an early age to die in the wild. Living as a scavenger, he found a talent for magic and a strange gift for necromancy. Animating small creatures and the occasional predator, he managed to survive, scratching out a living in the wilds with the aid of his animated “pets”. Despite his magic, he lived as little more than a beast for many years, never developing much in the way of social skills or hygiene.

One day, he stumbled across the remains of a terrible slaughter. Walking among the slashed bodies and burned corpses, he began to see faces he knew, forms he recognized – the family that had abandoned him. For some reason, they had been completely slaughtered and left for dead by as unknown force. Taking this as a sign, he began to animate all the piles of torn flesh and bloodied bones. In time, he reanimated them all, reveling in the power he now had over those who had so poorly treated him, and declaring himself the “chief” of his new “tribe”. He began leading his people as he had once seen them led, on raids against nearby towns and villages, traveling caravans and the occasional unlucky traveler. The skeletons, zombies and other members of his new “family” have ravaged the area he grew up in and have been growing bolder and bolder in their assaults. A few attempts have been made to stop the ravening horde of undead, but so far a mixture of animal cunning and luck have helped him overcome any attempts to bring him down, and bolstered his army with more fallen corpses.


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