The Carrion Crown

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 30

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 30

My preparation to storm the very summoning of the Tyrant has gone with almost no hitch. I have had many of my former acquaintances contacted to march upon the undead so that I might have a distraction as I attempt to either cease the creation of this potion, or stop it’s use. The word has spread of the Prince’s kidnapping, which has helped tremendously in gathering forces to march. Of course, the Prince would have to be a descendant of Tar-Baphon, because this couldn’t have just been any random person. My vampire contact tells me there is a second, undesirable, candidate as well, of Demon lineage, but I must hope to deal with that when the time comes, as this march draws near.

My new contact for soothsaying informed me that he could, with preparation, reverse the flow of a break in that occurred by the Whispering Way, as some poor man and his bodyguard somehow became messed up in all of this. The reversal would allow me to step through the very same mirrors they had used to enter, and I could most likely get to the village I need to be at much faster. I must now leave the gathering army in the capable hands of my Inventor friend, Walter, and Leopold, and chase down the Whispering Way.

The portal let out at a den that smelled of decay, but not of formaldehyde, alerting me that something undead lived within, though obviously it is not living, but existing none the less. The creature was sentient, and asked for homage when I exited in front of it’s den. I knew I had no way of knowing what form of homage to provide, so I quickly thought of mixing some Sunlight Bombs and tossing them in. Most forms of Undead should have shied away from this, but I had no way of knowing of the magnificent Dracolich living within, who again was not living. The creature was truly a marvel, as it had been obviously cleaved in half some time ago, but yet still very capable. I managed to avoid any contact with the disgusting qualities of these beasts, and eventually felled the foul beast. Perhaps if this gatekeeper is the worst of it, I may have a decent chance of actually walking into this mess and coming out on the other side. On a side note, perhaps I should have studied a lich’s poison potion, in case I did not, in fact, make it out alive. In lich form I am sure I could still carry out the task at hand…



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