The Carrion Crown

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 31

The Log of Dr. Joston Elveret, Entry 31

After felling the foul Dracolich, I had located a scroll of Mass Teleportation, tempting me to want to try to get closer to the foul city for which the Whispering Way is holding out, were I a bit more of a fool. I knew that the Tyrant had set up these Which Arches to catch all teleportation and bring the to set locations he was able to dictate, placing, undoubtedly, a foul beast at each Arch, so teleporting would be another battle, for sure. However, I was able to judge from the Arch here that it has a distance at which it functions, and using these radii, I can triangulate the best way to be teleported to the closest arch, turning this trap upon itself. According to what I saw, I determined that a trip of a day’s travel would get me to the next closer Arch.

Before the day’s travel was complete, I came across a group of Crusaders that have been stranded in the land, away from contact, for over a month now. After convincing them that I was in fact not undead, they accepted me into their camp and offered me wonderful advice as to the lay of the land, giving an optimal point to teleport from to reach the town within two days, rather than twelve. As I parted, I let them know that there was an army gathering at their home town and that the Prince has been confirmed as kidnapped.

Following their directions, I was able to maneuver myself to the right position, and teleported correctly to a Witch Arch very near the town. There were signs of a large slaughter at the gate by a Crimson Dragon, but I arrived at just the right time, and was able to sneak away towards the town without finding the dragon itself. The town was in shambles, and though I was expecting a massive army, or a town full of necromancers, all I saw was a derelict town with no one in it at all. The remains of the buildings, obviously, were haunted by their past tenants, but only the church in the center of town is boarded up and covered, as though they are all held up inside. I quickly explored the town, but they left nothing of insight outside.

Inside, a nasty monster loomed at the entrance, the likes of which I have actually never heard of myself, even with my extensive knowledge. The battle was well fought, but I managed to destroy the creature and all it’s minions. Now I must venture inside this unholy church, and see what the Whispering Way has in store for me…



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